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Are there issues that code enforcement cannot address?
Yes. These items are not actually code violations.
  • Vehicles or RVs that are legally parked
  • Too many vehicles at one home
  • Four or fewer unrelated people living in one dwelling unit
  • House needing paint / landscape maintenance
  • Vehicles that are tagged and licensed being parked in the owner's yard

Codes Enforcement

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1. I live in a subdivision with a homeowner association, will the Code Enforcement Division enforce the association’s bylaws, subdivision restrictions, or deed restrictions?
2. How does code enforcement work?
3. Are there issues that code enforcement cannot address?
4. Can I make an anonymous complaint?
5. I phoned in a complaint weeks ago. Why has nothing been done to the property?
6. How do I notify the city about a possible code violation?
7. What are some of the things that would be considered a violation?
8. Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?