Council Priorities

The Mayor and City Council established (8) eight key priorities for the City of Cleveland.  These priorities and their status are listed below:

1) Financial Restructuring & Debt Reduction Plan (Plan to Reduce Current Debt Service to approximately $50 million by 2035, while still investing in
strategic projects)

STATUS: In 2019 and 2020, the City Council reduced the City debt by approximately $10 million with a financial restructuring. We also increased
our fixed debt from approximately 45% to over 95%. City staff is working toward raising our bond rating profile.

2) Inman Street Redevelopment (Gaut St to Keith St)- RAISE Grant application.

STATUS: The City has been awarded the RAISE Grant by the US DOT. The Grant kick-off for this grant project will be the summer of 2022.

3) Implement Recreation & Sports Tourism Plan- Parks Revitalization & Sports Tourism (Tinsley Park Rehabilitation, Soccer Complex Upgrades, Mosby Park Playground, Avery Johnson Park, & North Cleveland Pocket Park).

STATUS: Staff continues to design and implement potential projects for presentation to the City Council.

4) Begin Construction of 5ive Points Square Entertainment Area Plan.

STATUS: Staff working on property acquisition.

5) Property Acquisition & Begin Implementation of Whirlpool Area Redevelopment Plan.

STATUS: Staff working on property acquisition

6) Implementation of Current Traffic Congestion Mitigation Project List.

STATUS: Staff continues to implement current traffic mitigation projects.

7) Implementation of Compensation Plan & Review Classification Plan.

STATUS: Completed and still monitoring labor markets.

8) Implementation of Beautification & Aesthetics Plan.

STATUS: Staff changes have been implemented. Funds for beautification designs have been allocated within the FY 2023 budget.