Cleveland Utilities



The Utility Board has five board members, serving 4-year staggered terms.


  • Aubrey Ector
  • Joe Cate
  • Debbie Melton
  • David May
  • Eddie Cartwright


  • To employ a competent and well-qualified person to serve as general manager of the system, which includes water, waste-water and electric distribution.
  • Set salaries or delegate this power to the general manager except for the salary of the general manager and secretary / treasurer.
  • Have full charge of operating, equipping, maintaining, extending and servicing the system, making disbursements of funds in accordance with law and ordinances and contracts made and entered into by the city, and collecting all moneys due the system.
  • Have the right to extend or enlarge the system, right to contract and be contracted with, the right to exercise the rights of eminent domain, in the name of the City of Cleveland, by and with the consent of the City Council, the right to institute suit and defend suits brought against it, the right to employ counsel, and in general to do all acts and things necessary for the operation and maintenance of the system.
  • The board shall give full effect to the contracts with the TVA, and others, with reference to the acquisition and purchase of the electric distribution system, as well as the power contract between the TVA and the City of Cleveland; shall rigidly enforce the collection of bills for electric, water and sewer service and shall, within the time prescribed by its rules and regulations, discontinue the electric, water or sewer service for the nonpayment of bills.
  • The board shall fix rates to be charged for services rendered by the system.