Fire Inspections

Inspections are divided into three different types of services: plan reviews, new construction inspections, and fire and life safety inspections of existing buildings. The following is a brief description of each.

• Plan Reviews – In cooperation with the building division, the fire prevention division reviews all site plans and building plans to determine fire department access and fire code compliance. The prevention division approves plans and issues permits for fire protection equipment installation.

• New Construction – The prevention division inspects new construction projects during the phases of construction. These inspections include the installation of all fire equipment such as automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and commercial kitchen hood suppression systems. The division also inspects the fire walls and doors, as well as egress system components.

• Fire and Life Safety Inspections of Existing Buildings – The bulk of inspection services provided by the Cleveland Fire Department are inspections of existing buildings. Under normal conditions, the Cleveland Fire Department inspects every existing commercial building in the city. This amounts to over 2200 inspections annually. These inspections insure that:

o no new construction has occurred without proper permits or approvals,

o fire protection systems are maintained,

o egress systems are adequate and unobstructed,

o and conditions that could start a fire are mitigated.

The Cleveland Fire Department has a number of resources available to help answer questions about plans submittals, required inspections, and other information. Please see the provided links below:

Submittal guidelines for architects and engineers (PDF)

Guidelines for contractors and vendors (PDF)

Plan Review Checklist (PDF)

Required inspection checklist for new construction (PDF)