Communications and Public Information

The City of Cleveland strives to keep its residents and visitors informed of the latest news, events, program, and projects going on in Cleveland. Our communications team works with the Office of the Mayor and City Council and Office of the City Manager to enhance public awareness of city-sponsored initiatives, communicate policy and increase civic participation. The city offers many outlets for community engagement including, the "Cleveland Connector", Cleveland's monthly newsletter as well several social media channels. The city's publications and communication tools include:

City of Cleveland Website

The city's website,, is home to detailed information about the city, its departments, and the services provided to our residents, visitors, businesses and industries. Review job opportunities, locate recreational facilities and and public buildings, participate in public input opportunities or connect with our elected officials. This is a great resource for frequently updated city news and information.

Cleveland Connector

The Cleveland Connector is one way our city communicates important and timely information to our citizens. This newsletter is published on a quarterly basis. An electronic copy of The Cleveland Connector is emailed to subscribers and posted on the city website. Hard copies of the newsletter are located at the Cleveland Municipal Building at 190 Church Street.

Cleveland @ Your Service

The City of Cleveland has a mobile app available to iOS and Android users. The app, "Cleveland @ Your Service" is available to assist residents, visitors and business owners in reporting issues and problems to the City. In addition to the service request feature, the app includes additional tools to help the public connect to city hall. Below are some screen shots of the mobile app.

Press Releases

Information about city news and events distributed to media channels including newspapers, magazines, journals, radio and television stations. This information is included on the city's home page under Cleveland News.

Public Records

The City of Cleveland is dedicated to providing public access of records to the residents of Tennessee, while continuing to protect the integrity and organization of public records. The City Clerk's Office has developed a centralized approach to efficiently fulfill open records request by Tennessee residents.

Residents who wish to view or obtain copies of records will need to complete the Open Records Request Form and submit it to the City Clerk's Office

Social Media

Learn about the latest news and happenings around the city. Watch videos, and see pictures of people, places and projects that make Cleveland an exciting place to live, work, and play. Visit our social media page to access the city's various social media platforms.