Property / Evidence

Property / evidence is under supervision Support Services manager, Travis Weber.

Property / evidence receives and stores all articles seized as evidence, removed from prisoners, and any recovered lost or stolen property. The unit also maintains proper and up-to-date records on all articles turned in.


The Property / evidence technician is responsible for logging items into the barcoding system, maintaining records, storing the property / evidence, and maintaining the security of the evidence room and vaults.

The Property / evidence technician must maintain full knowledge of all laws and policies regarding the handling, storage and purging of all property/evidence. The technician also testifies in court on the chain of custody for articles held as evidence. Other duties include preparing and transporting evidence to the proper labs to be tested if so required.

Citizens desiring to obtain items from property / evidence must do so in person. Individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the evidence technician prior to picking up any property and/or evidence that belongs to them. When picking up any type of property or evidence an individual must have proper identification to show the evidence technician. When picking up a vehicle that has been impounded at the police impound lot there will be fees associated with the towing of the vehicle to the impound lot that will need to be paid before the release of the vehicle.