Plans Review Process

A digital set of plans is required for all commercial projects and is requested for residential projects, as the plans review process is performed electronically. A digital file of all drawings and specifications can be uploaded with your application or can be delivered on a flash drive to our office. In addition to the digital set of plans, a permit application and plans review fee (where applicable) must be received prior to the project being reviewed. This process ensures compliance with the city's adopted building codes, zoning ordinances, and other regulations. All plans are typically reviewed within 10 working days of the time they have been submitted. Please call 423-479-1913 with any questions you may have.

For a detailed look at what is required for the plans review process, please see our City of Cleveland Plans Review Manual (PDF). Commercial projects are also typically review by the Fire Department as well for compliance with all fire safety regulations. For more information on what is required, please see our Fire Department Submittal Requirements (PDF).


  •  Are paper copies required? No, they are not accepted. Digital files only.
  • What is the initial plans review time? In most cases, comments are returned within 10 business days.
  •  What is the plans review time for subsequent reviews? In most cases, comments are returned within 10 business days. A subsequent review time may be shortened.
  • What is the cost of the building permit? It is based on the cost of construction. 
  • Can I apply without having an assigned contractor? The application may be submitted for review without a contractor assigned to the job, but the permit will not be issued until this information, if required, is provided.
  • Is an asbestos survey required? Projects that involve demolition will need to complete the State Asbestos Form (PDF). The City of Cleveland will not be able to issue any permits until receiving approval from the State. This may take up to 10 business days.