Site Review


Current Projects Under Review

Below is a list of projects currently under review for land disturbance in the City of Cleveland.  If you have any questions or comments about any of the below listed projects please email Tonya Young at


10th St Townhomes Site Plan
Adkisson Dr Townhomes
AFC Hangar Site Plan
Alley Abandonment- Lang at 2nd
Anatole Lots 11 & 12 Revised Final Plat
Andrew Write Final Plat
Arbor Hills Lot 10 Final Plat
Arbor Hills Lot 13 Final Plat
Arbor Hills Lot 25 Final Plat
Arbor Hills Lot 45 Final Plat
Arbor Hills Lot 9 Final Plat
Baldwin Property Final Plat
Benjamin Crest Phase 2 Lots 10-15 Revised Final Plat
Boone Valley Preliminary Plat
Burns 10th St Townhomes Preliminary Plat
Candies Creek Apartments Site Plan
Casteel- Old Tasso Rd Final Plat
Casteel-Tasso Road Preliminary Plat
Cherokee Commons Self Storage
Cleveland Utilities Filter Plant Addition Site Plan
Cleveland Utilities Filter Plant Site Plan
Cobblestone Lots 34 & 45 Revised Final Plat
Conclusive Systems Site Plan
Cornerstone Townhomes
Creekside Estates Site Plan
Daniel Lowe Final Plat
Deer Ridge Preliminary Plat
Deer Ridge Site Plan
EconoLodge Conversion Site Plan
Emergency Shelter Open Air Pavilion
Fairview Hills Preliminary Plat
Faith Haven Academy Site Plans
Fritz Street Property Final Plat
Frontage Rd Mass Grading Plan
Frontage Road Center Lots 3 & 4 Final Plat
Grove Church Road Mass Grading Plan
Hardwick Farms Stuart Rd Final Plat
Haven Ridge Revised Preliminary Plat
Hearthstone Lots 3 & 4 Final Plat
High St Final Plat
Hillcrest Landing Final Plat
Hillcrest Landing Preliminary Plat
Home2/Tru Hotel
Hunters Mill Apartments Site Plan
Jacobsen 14th St Final Plat
Jason Person Final Plat
Jiyana- North Lee Hwy Property Final Plat
John Porte Arlena Dr Property Final Plat
Keith St Storage Bldg Addition
Kings Den Final Plat
Knight Property Final Plat
Legacy Mass Grading Plan
Linda Dr Lots 1-8 Final Plat
Moore Westside Billboard Lot Final Plat
Murray Ridge Phase 3 Final Plat
Murray Ridge Phase 3 Final Plat
Murray Ridge Phases 1-3 Site Plan
Northcrest Townhomes Lot 50B Final Plat
Northcrest Townhomes Lot 65B Final Plat
Olivia Court Preliminary Plat
Overlook Park Preliminary Plat
Park N Eat Site Plan
Parking Lot Addition
Parking Lot addition
Parkstone Lot 2 Final Plat
Powell Meadows Phase 1 Final Plat
Powell Meadows Phase 2 Site Plan
Powell Meadows Preliminary Plat
Public Church Addition Site Plan
Pugh St Final Plat
Racetrack Townhomes North
Single Family Subdivision
Sneed 14th St Final Plat
Spears Holdings Townhomes
Spring Creek Lots 5 & 6 Townhomes
Spring Creek Ridge Townhomes Lots 3 & 4
Spring Creek Town Center Lot D2 Final Plat
Stuart Rd Development Entrance Road Revision
Stuart Spak Car Lot Site Plan
Sunbelt Rentals- Change of Use
Sunset Drive Final Plat
Tasso Lane Development Site Plan
Two homes. Required submittal due to disturbing more than an acre.
Veterans Home Site Revisions
Voices of Evangelism Garage
Waffle House within the existing parking lot
Weeks Horizon Place Lot 4 Final Plat
Westover Drive Townhomes Lot 1 Final Plat
Westover Townhomes Lot 4 Final Plat
Zaxby's restaurant with double drive-thru and all associated drive aisles, parking, and utilities

Site Review Committee

The site review committee is comprised of representatives of

  • Planning
  • Civil and traffic engineering
  • Stormwater
  • Addressing
  • Building
  • Fire
  • Signalization
  • Landscape
  • Electric, water, and sewer utilities


The City of Cleveland requires review of all plats and site plan review approval for all new developments and redevelopments of commercial, industrial, public and institutional, multifamily residential, any use containing a drive-through service window or lane, or for land disturbance activities as defined by Title 18 Chapter 3 Section 18-304 (1) of the Cleveland Municipal Code (PDF).

Properties with a building area of 5000 square feet or larger for all buildings contained within the site require site plans designed and stamped by a licensed engineer. Properties with a combined building area of less than 5000 square feet may submit a site sketch. Requirements for submittals can be found in section 6 of the City of Cleveland Zoning Code.

Submittal Process

One set of plans is needed for submittal. Plans can be submitted by emailing Tonya Young in PDF format or in paper form at the Development and Engineering Services office at:
185 2nd Street NE
Attention: Tonya Young
Cleveland, TN 37311

Plans can also be submitted online by using the Apply Online link above or by using one of the review specific links at the bottom of this page.

Plans received by 5:00 pm on Tuesday will be submitted to the Site Review Committee members on Wednesday to begin the site review process. First time submittals have a five working day review time and comments will be available after 12:00 pm on the following Wednesday. Resubmittals have a two working day review time and comments will be available after 12:00 pm on the following Friday. Holidays within the review period may lengthen the return of comments. Any plans previously reviewed that have not been resubmitted to the city within one years' time will be reviewed as a first time submittal.

Developer Meetings

A Developer Meeting is a service the City of Cleveland offers which allows the developer, engineer, or architect of a property to meet with the Site Review Committee and get questions answered before plans are submitted. Developer meetings are held by request on Wednesdays at 10:00 am.

To schedule a developer meeting we must have a request placed before 5:00 pm on Monday. If you would like to schedule a Developer Meeting, please contact Tonya Young at (423) 479-1913.