Comprised of 50 men and women dedicated to enforcing the law, preserving the peace, reducing the fear of crime, and providing for a safe environment.

The Cleveland Police Department operates 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, 365 days-a-year, to provide the citizens and visitors with law enforcement services. The department will provide the same services around the clock day or night such as answering calls for service, preventive patrol, traffic enforcement, and responding to emergencies.

Continuous patrol coverage is provided and the following procedures are utilized during shift change officers are assigned to zones daily to ensure proper coverage of the entire city. It is the supervisor's responsibility to assign zone coverage based on the following criteria:

  • Number of calls for service
  • Number of offenses / incidents
  • Number of businesses
  • Number of residences
  • Available manpower
  • Special events
  • Other specific needs

Patrol Zones

At the start of each shift, the shift lieutenant will determine how patrol zones will be covered by officers. The shift lieutenant may assign officers to a single zone, multiple zones, or roaming patrol to assure proper zone coverage. The city is divided into four zones.

Officer Zone Assignment

  • Officers are normally assigned to zones by shift supervisors, who will determine who works best in each assigned zone. Officers may be required to change zones during their shift when overlap occurs and or when better coverage may be obtained through switching zones.
  • Officers assigned to zones are encouraged to share significant law enforcement information concerning their zone with the officers relieving them on the same shift or other officers covering the same zone. This information is passed on at shift change either through the supervisor or personally through verbal communication.