The Finance Department is responsible for the collection of many city revenues, including property taxes and citations. The Finance Department also compiles and publishes the annual budget and is responsible for the payment of all city-related expenditures. Regulatory reporting is also a function of finance, including the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The department is responsible for all financial operations of the city and ensuring citywide internal controls and accountability.

Budgets & Reporting

The Director of Finance assists the City Manager in the preparation of the annual budget and a capital improvements program, and supervises three divisions (accounting, city court, and revenue collections) of the Finance Department. In addition, the director is responsible for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and works with independent auditors. The director also serves as the City Clerk, who is responsible for all official records of the city.

Information about Bond Refunds

Letter to Tennessee Comptroller GO Refunding Request, Series 2019 (PDF)

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