SuppressionCleveland Chair Vehicle Spraying a Fire

The suppression division operates six stations made up of 94 personnel divided into 3 Battalions that work a 24 hour on duty and 48 hour off duty schedule throughout the year. Each Battalion is supervised by a Battalion Chief. The suppression division mitigates the day to day incidents that arise including firefighting, extrication, hazardous materials, technical rescues, and medical first response.

In 2018, the suppression division has ran 2,982 calls.

Battalion Chiefs

Battalion One
Rock Eulo
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Battalion Two
John Ensley
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Battalion Three
Robert Gaylor Jr.
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Fire Alarm

The administrative division is made up of a Department Chief, Deputy Chief, Executive Secretary, Fire Marshal, Training Captain, and three Fire Inspectors.

Fire Chief
Ron Harrison
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Deputy Fire Chief
Pete VanDusen
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Executive Secretary I
Cindy Hines
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Fire Marshal
Ben Atchley
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Fire Inspectors
Mika Vaughn
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Richard Miller
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Craig Foote
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Training Captain
Jasen Parks
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