Library Board


The Library Board meets the 4th Tuesday of every other month beginning in January at 4:00 p.m. in the Cleveland Public Library.

About the Library Board

The Library Board is organized to foster and promote public library development in Bradley County. In accordance with Tennessee law, the Board has the power to direct all the affairs of the library, including the appointment of a Library Director who directs the internal affairs of the library. It establishes the policies for all branches of the library. It may receive donations and bequests to be used directly for library purposes. It may hold and convey realty and personal property and negotiate leases for and on behalf of the library.


The Library Board consists of seven members, serving six-year staggered terms.

Members & Expiration

  • Kelvin Bishop (City)
  • Amy Conley Moore (City)
  • Steve Robinson (County)
  • Susan Lackey (County)
  • Barbara Stone (County)
  • Rebecca McIntire

Regional Library Board

John Hagler (Library)