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Boards & Commissions
Airport Authority
Learn about the Airport Authority Commission.

Animal Shelter
Find out the duties of the Animal Shelter Advisory Board.

Beer Board
Discover the responsibilities of the Beer Board Commission.

Board of Zoning Appeals
Check out the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Building Board of Adjustment & Appeals
Gain information about the board in charge of appeals and adjustments.

Cleveland Community Service
View meeting and member information for Bradley / Cleveland Community Services.

Cleveland Utilities
Read about the commission in charge of local utilities.

Economic Development Council
Explore the council managing economic development.

Fletcher Park
Browse details on the commission managing Fletcher Park.

Fort Hill Cemetery
Find out about the management of this cemetery.

Greenway Advisory Board
Information about the Greenway Advisory Board

Health Education Facilities Board
Learn about the development of health and education facilities.

Historic Preservation Commission
Discover the efforts to preserve the history of Cleveland.

Housing Board of Appeals
Learn about the appeals process from the Housing Board of Appeals.

Housing Authority
Check out the board that makes policy and administration decisions on housing.

Industrial Bond Board

Industrial Development Board
View the board responsible for job creation and economic development.

Johnston Park
Read about discussions and suggestions for improving Johnston Park.

Library Board
Stay up-to-date on the local library.

Mechanical Board
Find out about the board that handles appeals to the Development and Engineering Department.

Planning Commission
Learn about the functions of the Planning Commission.

Parks & Recreation Board
Read up on the members and meetings for the Parks and Recreation Board.

Plumbing Board
Discover the duties of the Plumbing Board.

Shade Tree Board
See how this board administers the tree ordinance.

Stormwater Regulation Board
Browse all the functions and duties of the Stormwater Regulation Board

Vacant Property Review Board
Learn how this board handles blighted or deteriorated properties.

Wrecker Board
Learn about the wrecking and towing services from this board.