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Long Range Transportation Plan|Regional Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan is a long range (20+ years) multimodal strategy and capital improvement program developed to guide the effective investment of public funds in transportation facilities to help manage congestion, increase regional mobility options, and conform to national air quality standards.

The LRTP is updated every four years and may be amended as a result of changes in projected federal, state, and local funding; major investment studies; congestion management systems plans; interstate interchange justification studies; and environmental impact studies.

2040 Regional Transportation Plan Request for Qualifications

2040 Adopted Regional Transportation Plan

2035 Regional Transportation Plan
The MPO's current LRTP, adopted in May 2011, extends through the year 2035. The links below provide access to different elements of the draft Plan.

2035 Long Range Transportation Program
Amendments to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Program

For Faster Loading, the 2035 Long Range Transportation Program is available by chapter in the links below.

Title and Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Amendment #2012-01
Amendment #2012-03

2030 Long Range Transportation Plan
The MPO’s previous LRTP, adopted in 2006, extends through the year 2030 and is available to download.

2030 LRTP
2030 LRTP Amendment #1

2014 Tennessee Strategic Highway Safety Plan
For a draft of the Tennessee Strategic Highway Safety Plan, see the link below.

2014 SHSP Draft