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Shade Tree Board
The Shade Tree Board meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 12:00 noon in the Municipal Building Annex.

The Tree Board has nine board members, serving two-year staggered terms. 

  • David May Jr. (Council)                      
  • 08/2017
  • Jo Benjamin
  • 08/2017
  • Amy Banks (MainStreet)
  • 08/2017
  • Dale Hughes (Council)             
  • 08/2017
  • Will Jones
  • 08/2017
  • Dennis Epperson                                
  • 08/2018
  • Tim Henderson (CU)
  • 08/2018
  • Matt Coleman
  • 08/2018
  • Milan Blake                                        
  • 08/2018

The Shade Tree Board is responsible for administering the tree ordinance. The duties of the board include the following:
  • Develop and administer a master tree plan for the city that is subject to review and approval by the traffic engineer.
  • Develop and review, as necessary, recommended policies to carry out the intent of this chapter.
  • Assist in coordinating tree-related activities.
  • Coordinate publicity concerning the tree ordinance requirements.
  • Conduct an Arbor Day ceremony.
  • Provide tree information to the community.
  • Maintain a recommended tree list for the community.
  • Recognize groups and individuals completing tree projects.
  • Coordinate donations of trees or money to purchase trees.
  • Hear citizen concerns regarding tree problems during scheduled meetings.
  • Perform other tree-related duties and opportunities that arise from time to time.

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