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  1. Weekend police patrols

    It is amazing the amount of noise generated by reckless drivers on friday and saturday night coming down 25th st. Regular police patrols to watch for speeders, reckless driving and noise ordinance...

    Oct 2, 2013 by Jason Nicholas (24 points)

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  2. Rental/Housing List/Link

    I am moving to Cleveland in Jan. and looking for list of apartments avail. in the area. Not too many apartment complexes seem to advertise online in Cleveland. Thanks for any help given with this.

    Oct 23, 2013 by englandr1 (5 points)

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  3. patrol century ave for drug traffic

    after 10 at night is when most things happen you can see drug activity going on

    Sep 8, 2014 by jerry webb (5 points)

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  4. City Ordinance against Property Management Companies

    Property Management companies have ruined Cleveland's rental market. They have driven up nearly all local rents by convincing owners that they provide some benefit in exchange for a percentage of the...

    Aug 23, 2017 by jwcooper (5 points)

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  5. Eliminate unsafe street parking on road less than 28 feet in width

    Eliminate unsafe street parking on public streets less than 28 feet in width and do not allow parking within 10 feet of a driveway. This will have the effect of reducing unnecessary vehicle accidents...

    Sep 12, 2018 by HTech (11 points)

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  6. Remodel Vest grocery store NE area. This side of town has no grocery stores. Vest was once the main grocery store for many years

    Vest grocery store is a 95 year old family run business that has his hardtimes, and a cornerstone to locals. Would be great to revive this landmark for the family and locals. This family owned...

    Oct 21, 2018 by Patty Wehunt (5 points)

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