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Posted on: August 8, 2016

Upgrades & Improvements to the GIS System


The city of Cleveland is currently undergoing the process of upgrading and enhancing our GIS systems and services. A geographic information system of GIS, is by definition a system that stores, captures, manipulates, and analyzes geographic (location-based) data. For the end user, this data is typically presented as a map layer with an attached data table containing the information for each feature on the map. While the city of Cleveland has been utilizing GIS for many years, the time has come to take the next step with this technology.

The first part of that process is converting to a new, ESRI based platform that will allow better management and analysis of the data. This process will involve reviewing and cleaning the existing data to ensure the conversion to the new file format will be efficient and accurate. Once the data is converted, ESRI offers many applications and software extensions that will allow city staff to maintain the data more effectively and analyze the data in ways that were previously not possible. From addressing and zoning, to crime mapping and fire inspections, we will have the capability to expand this system to all areas of the city.

The second part of the process will involve establishing online applications and maps for the public. These online services will give the public access to information such as: parcels, streets, addressing, impervious surface area, city limits, zoning, parks, etc. In addition, the system will give new options for public notifications and citizen feedback. All of these services will be available across a variety of devices and will allow the option of printing or downloading so individuals and businesses can get the most out of the data. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to expand this product as the system grows and more data is collected.

The final part of this process will involve utilizing the system to collect, maintain, and analyze new data. City departments will now have access to tools that will allow them to continue mapping and collecting data as new projects develop. All of this data will be available for analysis to help city leaders make better informed decisions and to engage our citizenry in new ways. Additionally, data will be shared between the city of Cleveland, Cleveland Utilities and Bradley County.

We are very excited about the direction this heading and the possibilities into the future. It will take some time to become fully familiar with the new system and to implement the services mentioned earlier. Validating the data will be crucial in this process since all of the applications and services are only as good as the data that is being used. However, once fully implemented we are confident that this system will become a huge asset to the city of Cleveland.

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